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A Dying Light
Night by night and day by day,
I watch the hours fade away.
As day once more gives way to night,
I watch the sun's last dying light.
With tints of gold and red and blue,
It paints the sky a lovely hue;
The sun's last breath in vibrant colours,
As it gives way to something duller.
Dark the sky and pale the moon,
The pinpricks of the stars
Could do nothing to this gloom.
As summer once more gives way to fall,
And from the winter's icy halls,
Frost once more show its frozen face,
To grasp the land in its cold embrace.
The greens begin turning into golds,
A dying beauty of majesty untold,
But nothing gold can stay;
Decaying into brown,
The colours fade away.
As love once more gives way to hate,
And your amity abates,
As hugs and kisses turn to tears,
And friendly words turn into spears,
No sunset's glow or autumn's flair,
Accompanies this growing tear,
No final song, no final sight,
As my day turns into night.
Night by night and day by day,
I wait for light to come my way.
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The University Life
The leaves fall down from naked trees,
As we walk for the last time together,
Wandering through fond memories,
Before we say goodbye forever.
Though our lives' paths were once entwined,
And good times were shared between us,
Different friends we must now find,
At different schools to greet us.
Through thick and thin, through good and bad,
Through pouring rain and darkest night,
Whenever the cold world made you sad,
Like the dawn, I provided light.
We passed winter nights and summer days,
And as the last leaf fell to the ground,
With a final hug we parted ways,
Our tears falling without a sound.
Though tears and leaves may fall together,
Life is a casting off, they say,
And although we've said goodbye forever,
I hope through chance we'll meet again someday.
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Alice's Madness
I woke up one day to find I'd gone insane,
Visions of the fire imprinted in my brain.
The orphanage helped me to erase my bitter tears,
To forget and put behind me all my twisted fears,
But something snapped inside me during a visit to a friend,
And I was falling back into my Wonderland again.
It was familiar ground; I had oft stayed there before,
But now the rivers ran with blood and coated all in gore.
The Cat appeared to warn me that things had changed while I slept;
Everything was twisted now, a different law was kept.
He handed me a knife, and sent me on my way,
To defend myself against the darkness that came out to play.
Inside a flying teapot, I went to see the Hatter,
To see if he could shed some light on what was the matter,
But upon my arrival I found that new management there reigned,
That had taken all his body parts, and hid his tea away.
I put him back together, despite his incessant chatter,
And instead of the expected thanks, all I got was more natter.
Then a hellish tr
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